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Tenar Hall

B.S. Mathematics, Appalachian State University
M.A. Mathematics, San Francisco State University
Certificate in the Fundamentals of Quantitative Finance, University of Washington

You can do nothing or you can do something. If you do something, you will probably get told you are doing it imperfectly. You will probably be scolded for getting the tone wrong, the sentiment wrong, the wording wrong, or the timing wrong.
Do it anyway.
Do it anyway.
Keep doing the things.
The only alternative is to do nothing, and nowadays that’s exactly what nobody needs. Keep doing. Get it wrong. Get it wrong. Get it wrong. And keep going. The enemy of progress is perfection.
Keep going. Keep doing.
– Amanda Palmer

Tenar first fell in love with math when her pre-calculus teacher showed her that there was so much more to math than memorization and computations. Since then whether she’s been a tutor, or an instructor, or leading workshops, or speaking at conferences, or even just the grader for a class, it has been Tenar’s goal to empower students with the art of mathematical communication and to help students find joy in seeking understanding within the vast worlds of logic, problems, puzzles, and the abstract.

Tenar grew up roaming the woods of North Carolina, did her undergrad in the Appalachian Mountains, went for a big city adventure getting her Masters in Mathematics in San Francisco, started her family and learned how to row in Seattle, and nurtured her love of water on Lake Washington and in the Puget Sound. She now lives on Orcas Island with her husband, two daughters who are Spring Street Students, three dogs, an axolotl, five small birds, and her macaw named Meatball. 

She is an avid open water rower and surfski paddler having competed in numerous races in the Salish Sea and the Columbia River Gorge, sometimes in serious conditions. She is also a PSUPA Certified SUP Instructor and is as dedicated to sharing her love of the water as she is to sharing her love of math.