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Application Process

  • Step 1: Submit an Online Application
    • Parent & Student Questionnaire
    • Names & email addresses for two Teacher Recommendations
    • Transcripts
  • Step 2: Schedule “A Day at Spring Street”
    • Our admissions staff will arrange a school day visit for students interested in applying to Spring Street. Potential students will spend a full day at Spring Street with a host buddy in the same grade, going to classes, eating lunch together, and sharing in the Spring Street experience.
  • Step 3: Student Interview and Skills Assessment
    • The Admissions Director and a member of the faculty will get to know your child and their learning style with conversation and skills assessment.
  • Step 4: Parent Visit
    • Parents visit with the Director of Admissions and Head of School.
  • Step 5: Indexed Tuition
    • If families wish to apply to pay tuition below the top of the index, they must apply through Clarity.

Important Dates

  • April 5th
    • E-notification acceptance