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Why do we travel at Spring Street?

Why do we travel at Spring Street? Why do we spend four weeks out of the year exploring the waters of our local Salish Sea, climbing the nearby Cascade Mountains, or losing ourselves in the Met? Our philosophy combines traditional academics with experiential education. To be truly educated, we need academics. We must learn from each other. We also need to learn from people, experiences, and cultures outside of our school. And most importantly, we must reflect upon all of these. Learning beyond the school campus gives us the chance to take the theory and knowledge we get in the classroom and apply it out in the field.

For over two decades, our school has provided incredible opportunities for experiential learning. This education begins each year with the fall hiking trip, where we embrace the tenets of Expedition Behavior. These principles, which include being as concerned for others as you are for yourself and respecting the cultures you contact, are incorporated into the classroom. We take care of ourselves, we take care of our planet, and we take care of each other.

Tenets of Expedition Behavior

  • Model integrity by being honest and accountable 
  • Stay organized, on time, and pitch in when needed 
  • Be as concerned for others as you are for yourself
  • Help others, but don’t routinely do their work
  • Prioritize group needs over individual needs
  • Maintain an awareness of individual and group safety 
  • Respect the cultures you contact
  • Take appropriate risks; demonstrate a willingness to go beyond comfort zone 
  • Exhibit comfort with the concept of expecting the unexpected
  • Admit and correct your mistakes