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 Understanding science and the scientific method are critical for being a well-informed citizen, and for success in college. Our faculty convey science from a place of passion, deep understanding,  and real science experience. Scientists and naturalists teach small classes of 14-20 students, provide personal attention during labs, classroom work, and extensive fieldwork. Our location on an island in an archipelago within the Salish Sea, connected to the Pacific Ocean, offers access to a complex marine and terrestrial ecosystem ideal for learning biological and physical sciences. Our goal is not just to prepare students to succeed in freshman chemistry in college. We measure our success by the number of our graduates who take a course in physics, chemistry, and biology at the university because they want to know more. We must both prepare students for success in science at the university level as well as stoke the flames of curiosity so they continue their scientific studies after Spring Street.

Typical Course Sequence:

  • Biology – 9th Grade
  • Chemistry – 10th Grade
  • Physics – 11th/12th Grade
  • Marine Biology – 11th/12th Grade