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Fitness and Wellness

In Fitness and Wellness, students engage in a variety of physical activities, primarily outdoors, that include hiking, cooperative and non-competitive games, team and individual sports. Our program emphasizes flexibility, balance, coordination, and teamwork. The two main goals are to keep students moving and to help them develop personal fitness initiatives for lifelong personal health. Classes are organized around the principles of expedition behavior and the belief that wellness includes collaboration, social development, communication, nutrition, first aid, risk, fun, and reflection.  

Classes take place on campus,  at the Fitness Club’s courts and swimming pool, and on the many local beaches, parks, and trails.  Students are challenged to seek and incorporate fitness activities and wellness concepts into their daily routines. 

Small class-size and the individual nature of fitness and wellness allow personal goal setting, reflection, and self-evaluation to be the primary means of assessing developmental benchmarks in these classes and defining curriculum.  Students are encouraged to work at their own pace and level during physical activities.