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Each student is assigned a faculty advisor at the beginning of the year who serves as mentor, advocate, and main school contact for families. Advisee groups usually number 8-12 students, and as such, advisors often are the best first contact when families have questions or concerns. Advisees meet with their advisors frequently throughout the year, both individually and also as an advisee group three to four times each week during flex.

  • As a mentor, the advisor monitors and addresses issues related to students’ academic lives, assisting them with course and activities selection, effective time management, and study habits.
  • As a facilitator, the advisor communicates students’ progress with parents and faculty and works with the Head of School, parents, and faculty to develop strategies for student success.
  • As an advocate, the advisor supports students in the form of advice, encouragement, affirmation, and trust. The advisor actively engages students in meaningful interactions.