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In Middle School, the key goals are to promote a love of learning and good study habits. Spring Street is very much a family. Teachers and students know each other well, engendering respect, kindness, and understanding. While the setting and atmosphere are informal and comfortable, there is the expectation of attention and commitment to academics. Students and teachers form strong bonds of support that endure through their school years and beyond.

Subject AreaTypical Offerings
Language ArtsExpository Writing, Introduction to Comparative Literature, The Critical Essay
MathematicsTransition Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra
ScienceIsland Inquiry, Life Science, Biology
Social StudiesAncient Civilizations/Middle Ages, Modern World 1600-1850, Modern World 1850-Present
Foreign LanguageSpanish I (8th grade)
Physical Education6th-7th grade: Swimming, Hiking, Field Sports
The ArtsMusic, Studio Art, Theatre

Spring Street uses narrative evaluations and teacher-parent-student conferences to address academic progress. Evaluations that include both rubrics and narratives are shared at the midterm and the end of the semester.  Families meet with each teacher at the midterm in the fall and the spring during a 2-day period set aside for conferences. 6th-7th graders receive only narrative evaluations. Beginning in 8th grade, students additionally receive a grade in progress at the midterm and a final grade at the end of each semester. Each student is assigned a teacher who serves as Advisor. As a facilitator, the Advisor communicates students’ progress with parents, and also works with teachers to develop strategies for student success. Parents are welcome and encouraged to contact Advisors at any time to discuss their child’s progress.