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We mentor students to achieve:  

Academic Mastery: the critical thinking skills, depth of knowledge, and complex  reasoning necessary for scholarly excellence at the university level; 

Internal Strength: the confidence and discipline to navigate life’s complex choices and  to achieve individual success; 

Perspective: an appreciation of the breadth and diversity of the world and its cultures,  promoting tolerance, respect for others, and compassion; 

Integrity: honesty, ethical behavior, and a commitment to the common good. 

Our Philosophy 

Our programs are rooted in academic rigor and a progressive educational philosophy  of individual development, embodied in four key principles: 

1. We recognize each student’s individuality, strengths, and capacity to succeed;
2. We vary our teaching methods accordingly and include experiential travel,  service volunteering, and studies outside the classroom; 
3. We teach students, not classes, striving to develop each student’s ability to think  deeply, creatively, and analytically. 
4. We support each student in developing his/her personal growth.