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The goal of high school mathematics is to help students refine their algebraic thinking and develop fluency in numerical, graphical, and algebraic approaches in each area. Classes emphasize computational skills as well as theoretical constructs and problem-solving applications. Each student is considered as a unique learner and, as such, some students may repeat a class until they can demonstrate mastery; others may complete two or more courses within one year. The ultimate goals of the mathematics program are to challenge each student, to support deep mastery, and to develop an intrinsic view of learning. While this includes preparing students for the SAT’s, ACT’s, and AP Calculus exams, the program sets up students for both success in doing mathematics as well as an appreciation of the beauty of the logic behind mathematics.

Typical Course Sequence:

  • Algebra – 8th Grade
  • Geometry – 9th Grade
  • Algebra II – 10th Grade
  • Precalculus – 11th Grade
  • Statistics – 11th Grade
  • Calculus AB – 12th Grade
  • Calculus BC – 12th Grade