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Students need challenge, support, and inspiration. In high school, we combine both rigor and support to create a program where students are recognized as individuals with a set of unique strengths and needs.

Relationship lies at the heart of our educational philosophy. Our teachers foster meaningful connections with their students, and the trust built through relationships encourages curiosity and promotes intellectual risk-taking.

Class schedules are based not upon grade level but upon individual need. Typically, students take 5 academic classes and one elective each semester. As students approach their senior year, work outside of class increases, with a greater emphasis on self-directed study in preparation for transitioning to college. By graduation, students are prepared to write persuasively, think logically, create, analyze, synthesize, calculate, defend, and conduct research. 

Spring Street uses narrative evaluations and teacher-parent-student conferences to address academic progress. Evaluations that include both rubrics and narratives are shared at the midterm and the end of the semester.  Families meet with each teacher at the midterm in the fall and the spring during a 2-day period set aside for conferences. Each student is assigned a teacher who serves as an Advisor. As a facilitator, the Advisor communicates students’ progress with parents, and also works with teachers to develop strategies for student success. Parents are welcome and encouraged to contact Advisors at any time to discuss their child’s progress.