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Cross-country, Soccer, Biking, Parkour, Softball, Swimming, Sailing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountaineering, Ultimate Frisbee. Whether it is competitive team sports or climbing a rock face, we help students find a way to engage physically. Our goal? To set students up for a lifetime of exercise as they push their physical edge.

Sailing Team

The San Juan Archipelago provides world-class sailing conditions year round. The Friday Harbor Sailing Team, made up of middle and high school students from Spring Street and the Friday Harbor public schools, sails in summer, fall, and spring from beautiful Jackson Beach. The team’s focus is determined by the passions of team members, and ranges from cruising the local waters to training for competitive high school regattas held across the Pacific Northwest and down to southern California.

The sailing team’s fleet of boats includes double-handed FJs and Vanguards, and single-handed Lasers and – coming soon – RS Teras. Special ventures on keel boats and multi-hulls are arranged to expand students’ experience on the water. The team is supported by the local non-profit San Juan Island Sailing Foundation, the Port of Friday Harbor, and local sponsors, keeping down participation costs.

Sailing is an ideal sport for girls and boys, who compete at the same level, and often in partnership with each other. The educational benefits touch physics, math, game theory, meteorology, marine biology, oceanography, maritime history, boat maintenance, and even cinematography and literature. Regattas, unlike most youth sports, are self-refereed, teaching sailors cooperative governance, ethics, and patience. Broad-based friendships are made when the team sails with students from other islands and competes against students from mainland high schools. Sailing is a lifelong activity, beloved by islanders.

Team Sports

Spring Street students are eligible and encouraged to participate in the team sports offered by the public schools. Students regularly participate in local, regional, and state competitions.

  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Track
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling
  • Swimming

Winter Ride Ski Bus

During the winter students can sign up to take the Saturday Ski Bus up to Mt. Baker. The programs offer discounted lessons, rentals, and lift tickets. While these trips are not directly run by Spring Street, they function much like a school field trip with a chaperone to ensure safety on the bus and the mountain.