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May Term

The concentrated experiential education component of Spring Street happens in mid-May, and the curriculum progresses from expeditions that are close to home and shorter in length to those that venture out further and provide more challenge, culminating in two options for mature high school students: the opportunity to create one’s own learning experience through an internship in fields such as architecture, veterinary science, guitar building, and marine biology—or—to participate in an expedition as close as the Southwest, or as far away as Nepal, Ecuador, or Spain. An important goal for the Spring Street graduate is that she leaves this school with the ability to map her own education, with the capacity to land at any airport in the world and know how to navigate her way successfully.

Each May, students travel on seven different expeditions from as close as the water surrounding our island to as far away as Nepal. May they be uncomfortable; may they be challenged beyond their comfort zone; may they get dirty, be tired, and be lonely, sad, happy, and experience joy beyond anything they have known. And may they all return safely, and in reflecting on their travels, learn to apply what they have learned out in the world to their lives back at home.