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About the San Juans

The San Juan Islands are known for their exquisite natural beauty and safe, small-town atmosphere. Located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, the islands are 70 miles northwest of Seattle and accessible via ferry or airplane. They consistently rank among the top tourism destinations in the United States.  The islands are especially renown for their two national parks as well as kayaking and orca whale watching opportunities.

Located on the main island of San Juan, the town of Friday Harbor is home to numerous art galleries, museums, bookstores, cafes, restaurants, and theaters. In many ways, it is the hub of “islander” life. From its campus in the heart of downtown, Spring Street students can access it all within minutes.

For more information on the gorgeous San Juan Islands, please visit the website of our local Visitors Bureau.

Friday Harbor is also home to the world-famous University of Washington Friday Harbor Labs. Check out their video below!