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Seth Bundy

Mathematics, Science
  • BA, Mathematics, Oberlin College
  • MA, Human Development, Pacific Oaks College Northwest

As educators we are politicians; we engage in politics when we educate. And if we dream about democracy, let us fight, day and night, for a school in which we talk to and with the learners so that, hearing them, we can be heard as well.  -Paulo Freire

Seth is a member of the faculty at Spring Street International School, currently teaching Algebra 2, Precalculus, Physics, and Astronomy. Seth was born and raised in Seattle, and then taught in the Seattle Public Schools for 18 years. He has a BA in Mathematics from Oberlin College and a Masters in Human Development, with a focus on racial identity development, from Pacific Oaks College Northwest. He began his teaching career by volunteering to teach math with WorldTeach in Namibia. He is passionate about creating meaningful learning experiences, while valuing creativity, collaboration, and justice. His practice is about putting students at the center of his instruction. He met his wife Angela in 2006 on a kayaking trip to Sucia Island. After years of scheming, they are finally moving with their two girls Olivia and Hazel to San Juan. Seth enjoys all competitive sports, especially ultimate frisbee, soccer, and basketball. He is an avid nature lover and outdoorsman – hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, birding, gardening, and being outside in general.