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Kate Small

  • BA, English, University of Massachusetts
  • BA, Piano Performance, New England Conservatory of Music
  • MA, History of Art, University of California, Berkeley
  • MFA, Writing, San Francisco State University

Let me teach like a Steinway dangling from the neck of a mover’s crane.  So almost-falling, so on the edge of losing everything. -Taylor Mali

Kate is happiest when listening to her students thinking out loud in their humanities classes. Kate had been teaching in colleges for several years when serendipity landed her in a summer literacy project at a local middle school. Kate discovered that adolescents are her people: curious, demanding, honest, and really funny. This phenomenon is only amplified by the magic that is Spring Street, where Kate’s students provide her with rigorous daily training in the search for metaphors that illuminate the intersections between literature and history. Even though Kate has been a teacher for twenty-five years, Spring Street keeps her close to the beginning, and hope.