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John Falvey

Spanish, Math, Residential Life

BA, Spanish Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Dickinson College

What we care for, we will grow to resemble. And what we resemble will hold us, when we are no longer. ― Richard Powers, The Overstory

John is a newcomer to Friday Harbor this year, and is excited to become part of the community here at Spring Street International School. He teaches Spanish 1 and Geometry, and is a dorm parent in the residential space. 

After enjoying his high school Spanish courses and spending time in Latinoamérica as a teenager, John decided to pursue a Spanish major in college, where he concentrated on Latino experiences in the United States. Since graduating he has taught high school Spanish in San Francisco and lived for a short time in México. John believes passionately in second language learning as a vehicle for intercultural understanding, and is honored to be able to work with students as they learn about the Spanish speaking world.

John is also looking forward to taking on his other roles at Spring Street, which are new but familiar. John enjoyed STEM courses through college and is eager to re-enter the math classroom. Life as a dorm parent has been an intrigue for John since attending boarding school, and his experience as a camp counselor and trips leader has taught him the value of building multi-faceted relationships with students.

Outside of school, John likes to relax amongst friends and family, walk in nature, and plan his next meal.