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Helen Leilani Bevacqua

Middle School Support Staff
  • BA, Environmental Education,  Western Washington University

Helen Bevacqua is originally from Honolulu Hawaii, and was lucky enough to get to spend her childhood running wild through the various jungles and reefs of Oahu and Molokai. It was likely this wildness that set her on her path to get a degree in Environmental Education from Western Washington University. While not necessarily the typical “Science brained” person, the earth sciences, specifically Botany, Ecology and marine Biology, seem to keep pulling her to them. This is likely because Helen is obsessed with the little things in life, and has found that the natural sciences enable her to truly understand and appreciate the world’s small wonders. In fact, her drive to know the world around her has been such a constant force in her life that as a little girl she made up her own names for the flora and fauna she came across until she was old enough to learn the proper ones. She’s excited to be able to share what she’s learned with Spring Streets students, and even more excited to get to learn along with and from them. Her ultimate goal as a teacher is to instill a lasting sense of wonder, appreciation, and life-long curiosity for the natural world in students.