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Spring Street International School invites you to our 2021 Nature Speaker Series.

Dear Families, Friends, and Faculty,

There is no better time than winter to connect with the community and learn something new about the amazing planet we all inhabit. Starting in January, Spring Street International School is excited to present our 2021 Nature Speaker Series, a community event that provides insight into the lives of those who have a unique relationship with the natural world. 

January 21st @ 6 pm
Eric Guth

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Fire and Ice: The Birth of Crater Glacier

Join Eric Guth for a look into the rebirth of Mt. St. Helens. 40 years after the eruption, a glacier now fills the void left by this devastating event. Beneath the ice is a labyrinth of glacier caves, sculpted by the heat of an active volcano.

Eric has documented four expeditions into the heart of Crater Glacier, photographing climatologists, microbiologists, and NASA robots in action. His efforts and photos were published online with National Geographic on May 18, 2020, to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the eruption. He now shares his story with you.


 Camera, passport, boots. These are the tools Eric has relied on most during his 15-year career as an expedition photographer. From spelunking in the crater of an active volcano, to deploying time-lapse cameras in Antarctica, and to documenting modern culture across the Arctic, Eric looks for stories of people and places off the beaten path. When not on assignment, he leads photo workshops alongside fellow National Geographic photographers.

Complementing these pursuits, Eric has a background in Environmental Studies, a degree broad enough that he spends the other half of his year as a naturalist, sharing insights on everything from bird migration to banana slug reproduction aboard ships around the world. 

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Future events will be held on:

February 9th @ 6 pm
Thor Hanson

Join Thor Hanson for a lively investigation of how plants and animals are responding to climate change – moving, adapting, and evolving in real time, all around us.  From lizards in hurricanes to wandering trees to the feeding habits of bees, bears, and beetles, the stories in this talk explore the biological challenges of life on a changing planet.  Biologist Thor Hanson is a long-time islander and the author of several award-winning books, including Buzz,Feathers, and The Triumph of Seeds.

March 16th @ 6 pm
Joshua Hoyt

Join Joshua Hoyt for a discussion on foraging, a word emphasizing the act of searching for wild edibles. While modern foraging is often about the search, indigenous people thought very differently about what it meant to get food from their environment. Far from a passive, primitive activity, indigenous food gathering was based on a radical, ambitious notion; with generations of careful management, the whole landscape can be a food garden.

Joshua Hoyt (Turtle Mountain Band of the Chippewa) worked as a fisherman in Alaska during the summer of his freshman year in college. He has worked in the food system ever since. He spent 4 years as a professional cook in Seattle, WA, and Palo Alto, CA. After time working as a culinary consultant for a Japanese food startup and as a documentary radio producer/instructor for the Stanford Storytelling Project, he found the American Indian Child Resource Center – a place to combine all of his passions. For the past 4 years, he has led programming for Transitional Age Youth by teaching 10-week courses covering cuisine regions of North American indigenous people.

April 15th @ 6pm
Callie North

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