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Megan Dethier

  • BA, Biology, Carleton College
  • Ph.D., Marine Ecology, University of Washington

Dr. Megan Dethier has been part of the island community since 1979, when she moved to San Juan Island to conduct part of her PhD work in marine biology at the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Labs. She and her husband, David Duggins, got married at the Labs and have worked there since. Megan has taught courses and done research at the Labs and around the northwest, and is now Director and a Research Professor at this UW branch campus. Megan and David’s son Peter Duggins graduated from Spring Street in 2009 and they have been enthusiastic supporters of the school since Peter started there in 6th grade. Megan does volunteer work not only at Spring Street but also in the public elementary school, bringing marine biology lessons into the classroom there. She feels strongly that Spring Street fills a key niche and is a tremendous asset to the community.