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Jennifer Boyden

English, College Counseling
  • BA, English/Creative Writing, Creighton University
  • MFA, Poetry, Eastern Washington University

Instructions for living a life: / Pay attention. / Be astonished. / Tell about it. –Mary Oliver

Jennifer Boyden teaches with the philosophy that the path best followed leads to the authentic self—and that there are a lot of ways to get there. As a literature and writing teacher for over 25 years, Jennifer is dedicated to helping students gain sophistication as critical thinkers and confidence as writers. Her classes provide a variety of ways for each student to be successful, often incorporating options to work with the visual arts, a wide range of reading and writing assignments, translation, and interdisciplinary work. Jennifer is passionate about helping to connect students to multiple contexts so students can better understand where they—and others—fit into communities of knowledge, ideas, and experience. Author of two books of poetry, a novel, and several essays, Jennifer’s commitment to the necessity and beauty of writing feeds her inspiration to help students discover, develop, and sharpen their identities as writers, critical thinkers, and people who contribute importantly to the conversations around them. 

Before joining Spring Street, Jennifer served on the faculties of English Departments at a small private college as well as at large public universities both domestic and international. Her role as college counselor leverages her deep knowledge of the admissions process and her enthusiasm for helping students find their best fit—the places where students grow, thrive, and empower others with their own successes. Mostly though, Jennifer is dazzled by her students—their hearts, hopes, minds, and the care they extend to themselves and each other—as they head into futures they find purposeful and humming with the potential they carry with so much awareness and grace.