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Ilise Garvin

Residential Life
  • MA, Human Services Administration, Keene State College
  • BA, Environmental Studies, Concentration Land Use Management & Economics, Long Island University
  • Non-Profit Certificate Program, Antioch New England

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Within three months of being born, Ilise was spending every summer at the beach. Her father instilled in her a love of the ocean and an appreciation that working in an area you love will make you happy, and thus successful. Ilise can count on her fingers and toes all the ways that working with students – whether in outdoor schools, adventure trips, dorms, vacations or everyday home life – makes this true. She continues to encourage, cajole, educate, joke and laugh with children, helping them as they step through the door into their futures. A perennial lover of chaos, planning, administrative tasks and the future, Ilise LOVES helping others see their potential and their opportunities. Ilise is an avid reader, hiker and “street” walker, beach enthusiast, mountain lover, and long-range thinker. She loves cooking, baking, home remodeling and design, and sharing and imagining the what-ifs of life.