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Natalia Lawrence

Dorm Chef

Bachelor of Arts from WWU in Therapeutic Recreation (CTRS).

Therapeutic Applications of Expressive Arts from Fairhaven College, 2013

Maui School of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (LMP). 2005.

Food is symbolic of Love when words are inadequate.

Natalia grew up on San Juan Island. Her family has been on the islands for nine generations, and she is a descendant of Swinomish, Salish Sea, and Mitchell Bay Nations. Natalia’s great great grandparents actually owned the house that Spring Street School is in, which was one of the first prominent houses in Friday Harbor. It has remained in the Nash family since. 

Natalia is a Spring Street Alum, class of 2000. Much of her creative culinary buds came from traveling with Spring Street to countries such as Belize, Mexico, Thailand, Nepal, and India. International cultures still inspire her while cooking. She has had no formal cooking education, but considers herself lucky to have been taught and nurtured by cooks around the world, her parents, and local boss chefs like Kate Stone and Steve Anderson. 

Cooking is her favorite way to connect to people, making working in the dorm a perfect fit. 

She is proud to be sending her oldest daughter to Spring Street this year. Spring Street thus has its first legacy studentmaking her SSIS’s first legacy student, but certainly not the last!